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One of the main processes in Field Service Industry is the Dispatching of goods and services. Dispatching means allocation or assignment of workers and inventory to carry out a specific Field service operation.

Sounds easy, right? But it’s actually quite the opposite.

When you don’t have the right strategy for effective dispatch management, it can have a detrimental effect on the overall performance of your operations.

Choosing the correct Field Service Management Software can help you hit the bullseye with the right combination of features that can certainly do wonders for the growth and success of your business.

Here are 5 points on how the right Field Service Management Software can help in streamlining the dispatch process:

Frees you from all the paperwork headaches
The right software can erase all your paperwork worries and boost your operational efficiency by giving your team a new sense of enlightenment. When you’re providing the right kind of information to the right people at the right time, the results will be incredible.

Makes decision making faster and more informed than ever
The right software would make the use of data and powerful analytics to equip your staff with the correct information.

Lets your dispatchers easily document critical details
Gathering information is as important as making good use of it. There are many tools that can be leveraged to make requirement gathering as easy as clicking a button. When you’re capable of documenting important details it can become even more convenient for you to deliver according to expectations hence making it possible for you to achieve greater operational efficiencies.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction
Keeping customers in the loop via email, SMS and other digital channels can help boost customer confidence in your product and let you bask in the glory of achieving greater customer satisfaction.

Lets you handle emergency situations by staying connected
Stay ahead of all your troubles by keeping your dispatchers updated with what’s happening in the field. When you equip your staff with the right tools and technologies, it becomes a whole lot easier to handle emergency situations while keeping the workflow smooth and uninterrupted.


by Sehrish Naz 15. March 2019 03:48

You might have heard about the term “optimization” often in the context of field service management.

Ever wondered what the Field Service Optimization really means?

Optimization is not just about getting your hands on the Best Field Service Software available in the market, or keeping up with the latest technology trends and innovations. It is not something that happens over-night and is definitely not an easy job. Utilizing a Mobile-based Field Service software can be a good starting point but it isn’t enough to maximize efficiency or performance. Basically, optimization isn’t just a one-step process, it is rather a series of tasks aimed at providing service excellence through continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement.

Here are some of the points that throw more light on the subject of Field Service Optimization:

Decreasing service delivery time

When you take too much time to process a request, your service delivery time increases and the customer satisfaction suffers.

It is Important to free up your time from administrative worries and back-office troubles by automating the overall decision-making process and reduce the customer support response time to maximize your business efficiency.

Providing technicians with the right technology and tools

Field workers are the key figures of an FSM business. Equipping them with the right tools and information, coupled with the right technology can help ensure that they deliver a high level of service quality to the customers.

Tracking your Key Performance Indicators over time

Build your business by using important customer related data to your advantage by analyzing the data over time. Powerful analytics can help you track your performance so that it’s easy for you to evaluate which parts need to be optimized.

Making sure everyone on your team shares your vision and goals

To optimize the overall workflow your whole team needs to be on the same page regarding the goals and objectives of the organization. Whether it’s the field workers, back-office staff or administrators, you won’t be able to achieve desired results and fulfill the overarching strategic objective, unless your organization is being driven in the right direction.


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Using a smart solution that allows your technicians, salesmen, and distributors to access the field service software using mobile phone whenever they want, wherever they want will serve as a potential game-changer for your business. Companies from different sectors like pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, sales and distribution businesses, service sector organizations and many more can track their employees in fields and get real-time feedback about their tasks.

Advanced mobility solutions aim at providing some degree of automation of the otherwise cumbersome field service processes by eliminating the need of paperwork and bridging the gaps in communication, coordination, and reporting.

Here are 5 reasons on how smartphones can elevate the field service experience:


Mobile phones increase connectivity facilitating the provision of real-time data right from the field to bring transparency and to avoid any overlaps. Furthermore, capturing accurate job data becomes a lot easier when you're not tied to a computer or desk.


The ease of making instant updates right from the job/client site is by far the most powerful feature that will enable the company to have greater control over its operational processes.

From keeping track of the jobs, to editing work orders and completing invoices there is nothing more valuable than being able to control everything so easily.


The use of Smartphones can bring drastic improvements in the software usability, so much so that it can
streamline your processes resulting in a better business flow and efficient optimization.


Your Field Service Business can benefit greatly from the portability of the solutions that you have to offer. This particular ability frees your business from the shackles of a cubicle hence giving you and your business a new sense of liberation.


Seamlessly integrate your back office with field activities using smartphones. Field Workers can access all the essential information they need while on the go. Working in real-time will save you valuable time as well as resources and will make your business more profitable and efficient.

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