What is Platform as a Service – Pass Model

by Faisal Jalil 27. June 2018 03:11

Rapidly transforming software development field shifted from traditional Waterfall approach to Rapid Application Development, and from Software as a Service to newly introduced Cloud Computing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach.  With these changes, any forward looking organization in software development field will like to leverage from cloud based hosting model coupling it with Software as a Service application development model.

Companies keen to develop or enhance their software systems must choose the best available Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).   PaaS is a category of cloud computing that provides software developers a platform to build applications and services over the internet. 

Let’s make it simple by looking into example.  We take a Solar Panel Fitting company or any other service provider as our Case Study.  We assume this company is currently performing jobs in half automated environment paired with manual work, which causes redundancy, lacks accuracy, jobs getting delayed and very less to no reporting which helps in decision making.  This company requires a software and hardware solution which automates its back office, enhances filed workers capability, helps in planning and provides business Intelligence to meet the new challenges of a growing company.  Solution should be capable of running on internet, can meet its requirements for Customer Management Relationship (CRM), scheduling, human resource dispatching, invoicing, job order tracking and other associated services. This company has a choice to in-house develop such application and host it on in-house servers.  But it can be extremely time consuming project to develop, maintain and scale.  

Whereas a professional Software development company can develop PaaS turnkey solution for above needs by architecting internet based solution which works as a Service.  SaaS - a concept which is built around Pay as you go model.  Solution can be hosted on Cloud based service providers like MS Azure or Amazon AW, providing much needed hardware scalability in no time  

This conjunction of Cloud Computing for scalable hosting along with Software as a Service application approach is referred to as PaaS model.


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