Why you need preventive maintenance management scheduling and estimating software | 6 top features of HVAC service software for equipment maintenance planning by E-strats

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When you have your equipment installed at the customer site, chances are that the product will start malfunctioning when you least expect it. This is a problem faced by even the largest HVAC companies. Since home appliances that are constantly in use, such as air conditioners and heating systems, are often prone to breakdowns if not maintained properly, costing money in lost time and service calls.

One way to deal with the problem of unexpected failures is to use an HVAC optimization solution. A Software that uses new technology to help the service business owner carry out preventive maintenance activities throughout the year and work through it in steps because adopting preventive maintenance strategies is better than having a reactive approach to product breakdowns.

An HVAC preventive maintenance software simplifies the process of managing routine scheduled maintenance tasks. Among other important features, an HVAC service maintenance management tool lets the contractor schedule recurring visits for timely diagnosis and lets the air conditioning technician maintain a checklist of preventive maintenance tasks aimed at ensuring that the product is always in the best condition.

Our software for HVAC service execution management offers web and mobile cloud-based software for air conditioning contracting companies especially in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Here’s how the HVAC maintenance scheduling software by <a href="http://www.estratcom.com/">E-strats</a> helps with proper and timely diagnosis of the installed air cooling and heating system equipment while keeping the Contractor, Technician, and Customer in the loop:

Schedule multiple visits to a single job for routine checkups

A technician can assign multiple visits to one job after a customer signs the HVAC service agreement software contract using the service mobile app hence eliminating the need of paperwork to follow up on the schedule. Once the client has decided on the dates of servicing, the information related to scheduled visits are communicated clearly and instantly to the customer and the contractor.

Ability to track and manage multiple visits as required

Once the job visits for an HVAC service call has been created, the dates for scheduled visits can be changed depending on the customer’s availability. All future visits can also be easily tracked with respect to time using the HVAC business software for contractors.

View the daily schedule for assigned jobs

The technician and contractor both can keep an eye on the daily schedule which shows jobs according to the day, date and time. The Scheduler view for a contractor differs from that of a technician’s in a way that a contractor can view, assign and appoint different jobs to technicians while a technician can only view and perform a job assigned to him.

Automated alerts and notifications for important updates

Sending important phone notifications and SMS alerts so that your technicians never miss an appointment is another useful feature of HVAC service scheduling software. The service reminders free you from having to manually send updates to customers, HVAC field technicians, and back office staff.


Preventive maintenance HVAC checklist

Make your own customized checklist for each job or use the same default checklist to ensure all the necessary measures and steps have been carefully listed. The technician can view the list directly on the mobile app and perform checks according to the Air conditioning contractor’s preventive maintenance checklist.


Improve cash flow for your heating ventilation and air conditioning company

Get notified in real-time when a job is complete, letting your technician invoice from site or invoice from the office on the same day. Get paid for future work orders or recurring visits on time, keeping your revenue stream consistent. Create quotations, estimates, and invoices for a job and email them to your customers directly from the mobile and web-based Air Conditioning service software solution.


Using the Preventative Maintenance scheduling, dispatching and work order management software can help you counter unexpected machines stoppages and product breakdown issues hence ensuring excellent customer service and giving your business a new exposure and boost altogether.


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Sales Representatives play a key role in driving the growth of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. No matter how big or small your company actually is, if your medical sales reps aren’t being managed properly, it can hurt your business far more than you expect.

Struggling to compete with the growing competition and to fend off the unnecessary cloud of worries, the Healthcare sector is moving rapidly towards automation. Field Sales Force Applications for Medical Reps in Healthcare companies serve as the best tools to optimize the performance of your sales rep workforce and make the most out of your available human resources.


Here are all the major benefits of using Mobile Apps for Pharma sales representatives:


Mobile reporting saves time and cost

Give your sales staff access to use simplified reporting solutions right from the field. Real-time connectivity with the back-office staff reduces the stress of traveling back and forth just to keep the management team updated with the work progress. So when your sales force representatives are out there in the field, the mobile app makes the reporting process effortless to drive sales effectiveness with best-in-class visualization.

Viewing daily work schedule makes easier to meet deadlines

The app gives your sales workers complete access to their overall work schedule including allocated tasks and appointments with the doctors, hospitals or pharmacists, all in one place.

In addition to simply viewing the daily tasks, the smartphone app notifies pharma sales workers about important reminders to ensure that your sales reps never forget to show up for an appointment.

Mobile Route Optimization helps you stay on the right track

Mobile app for the pharma workforce by E-strats gives you multiple integration options to use maps for route planning and navigation. Save your travel time and fuel by helping your field force navigate to the correct location, via the shortest route.

Create notes and upload pictures to gather actual data from the field

The ability to document critical details related to each appointment can be helpful for planning future visits or scheduling any follow-up visits as required. Medical Sales Staff can upload essential documents without leaving the interface of your application hence keeping all data at one place without any hassle.

Track work performance using checklists

Checklists can help you boost the efficiency of your sales team by letting you prioritize the tasks that need to be performed and to ensure completeness for carrying out tasks. This can prove really beneficial in reducing the chance of failure to meet the commitment.

Samples and Gifts distribution management

 The ability to manage gifts and samples is another benefit of using the Mobile application for pharmaceutical field agents. The application by E-strats lets you keep track of total samples and gifts, check their availability reports and view distribution charts for better understanding at a glance.


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E-strats provides easy-to-use mobile service management applications that can be customized for effectively managing your field operations in an optimized manner.


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E-strats Field Service Management Application is a tailored, custom-built solution for any business and service industry platform who wants maximum growth in minimum time with a good ROI (return on investment). 

Get free consultation, cost and timeline estimates for your custom software solution in just a click. 

Visit us at : http://estratcom.com/request-quote

Hire Offshore Programmer

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  Nowadays software development has become very important, to perform any type of function we need software for almost every type of the business.  Even for employees to log in and to log out they need a software to keep track of their actives.

To get different software for your business as per requirements the best option is to hire dedicated software developer.  As there dedicated offshore developers and programmers have experience, professional capabilities to provide you the best solution for your business requirements within the budget set by you.

When you decide to hire software developer for your business it means that you are getting a lot of benefits as listed.

1.      Once you hire a dedicated software developer for your business it means that you are saving a lot of money and resources.

2.      Concentrate more on your core business activities

3.      You will get more projects done in less time; this is possible only when you hire software developer, enabling you to spend your saved time in other productive activities of your business.

4.      The final testing and implementation of the project would be assisted by the software developer so you have a complete idea of the software services made for your company.

The biggest benefit that you get in hire dedicated software developer for your business is that you hire them per your business requirements and needs it means you not wasting your money and your business productivity.  You can hire them on hourly, weekly or monthly basis and you have to pay according to the company form where  you would hire them which means that you don’t need to pay them for the services to pay only for the service hired.  So it is very beneficial from your end for your business development strategy.

Feel free to contact, if you are interested in knowing more about to hire offshore programer and dedicated software developer for highly affordable prices.

Make the Applications You Need with the Best Custom Software Development Company

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Technology has influenced our lives and is playing a great role in our daily life.  Let’s take the example of computers and our phones we use them on regular basis.  Those applications don’t come on their own someone has to develop them.  In the same way we need applications for business projects to make the work done easily and quickly at work.   When ever you need any sort of application for your business then you need to talk to a custom software development company to get the application done for you.

You might need some applications for the smart phones.  Many people work to earn money and try to improve their standard life styles, it is not necessary that all of them work in offices. Most of the people work on roads, at that time laptop gets a bit bulky.  Every one has phone with them and these smart phones applications are handy. This useful application of smart phones helps people write proposals, check their emails and even conduct business.  What custom software development company really is, take your idea and get it transformed into coding.

The idea might cost you in the beginning but if you think deeply you will realize that to build your idea, you need to invest some money and then rest with a peaceful mind and let the application work for you as you want it to.  Remember that it is not only the smart phone where custom software development company helps you.

To push up your business and move forward you might need application on computer or internet, it could be a database or manage resources.  By hiring someone for this job will help you sow the seed of your idea for you, and then we guarantee you that your business will run much effectively.  The thing is you need to find out what works better for you and keep track of it.

A custom software development company is way to look forward and bring the latest application to life. You can plan with anyone to make your application but you need to ensure that you do a detail research.  There are a lot of businesses of this type but they might not convey your idea into better in coding.  Be clear about your ideas that what you want and accomplish out of it, before you approach one of these companies and businesses.

Approaching a right custom software development company can make dreams come true.

Get your business off the ground it might be a custom software development company that you need.


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e-strats custom Software Application Development Services address your unique needs to bridge the gaps in your existing software and to derive competitive edge focused on your business strategy. Leveraging on our Global Reach, expertise across various industries and mature Project Management Methodologies , we deliver skilled, flexible, customized software development services.

We are in the offshore software development business for more than 10 years. Our expertise and experience can enhance the way your business applications and Information Technology infrastructure is designed, the way they are developed and maintained to overcome your challenges of cost, flexibility, time, and risk.

Here are some of the reasons why we have clients all around USA and Canada and why our clients have a real advantage as compared to their competition by cost reduction, and why they give us only positive references:

  • Skilled programmers - availability of a large pool of highly skilled programmers.
  • Software development - competitive rates. Doing your custom software development in Pakistan can cost anywhere from 50% to 75% less that what you would have pay for in-house software development in USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Quality - Software outsourcing – With over a decade of offshore development experience, our quality assurance process ensures you best international quality of deliverables.
  • Linguistic skills – Our Project Managers are qualified from USA with hands-on working experience in USA and Europe. This gives us a leverage in understanding and comprehending requirements at much ease."
  • Software outsourcing center - passion and devotion. Software development is not only our business but its our passion.
  • Our Experience: Over 10 years of experience in outsourced project development


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