E-strats Field Service Management (FSM) App…...An Innovation of Technology (FSM series) Part 2

by Sara Faisal 20. September 2018 01:21

Work Order Management Dashboard:

Business and Service Industry is going through a rapid transition by the use of Business Intelligence Applications to modify and automate business processes at all levels. Work Order Management Feature of FSM App is considered as a Nerve Centre to get a detailed insight of the business flow and performance at a glance.

The demand and repute of our FSM is based on its Ease-of-Use and salient features of our Work Order Management dashboard are as follows:

Benefits and Ease-of-Use:

1-Visibility of  business flow and performance in Real time:

The revolutionary dashboard is customized according to the client’s needs and you can visualize what is going on in the business from time to time. Getting the benefit of the Real time scenario, you can always see:

  • which assigned job is being carried out and how
  • any disruption or delay in assigned tasks
  • status of sent and replied SMS and Emails
  • status of sales throughout the day
These answers are automatically seen as Alerts or Notifications on the dashboard and can not be missed or overlooked anyway. One can easily compare Ease of use of our FSM App, where you do not have to ask someone to open a laptop to check and answer your business emails for you. Everything is just a Click away with this Application.

2-Economical on Time and Effort:
You can save on your time on search effort by using our FSM App. You can make business reports in your Excel spreadsheets which are saved to the dashboard and can be programmed to be updated on an hourly basis. Similarly, you can access important
  • Images
  • Drawings
  • Manuals
  • Documents

Similarly, Bar CodingFeature of the parts/equipment which are being ordered or replaced, make this process very easy and accurate. In this way anyInaccuracycan be avoided which occurs while transposing  Serial Numbers.

3-Hands-on Business Performance Improvement with KPIs:
Intuitive dashboards help you keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators, which serve as measurable metrics for your Business performance. The dashboard can depict business performance as Green indicator when your business is progressing and as a Red indicator when business is undergoing regression. This is how you can improve your business status in terms of Sales and  Profit by focusing on relevant KPIs using Color-Coded Alerts.

4-Cutdown Stress with Intuitive Dashboards
With easy accessibility and clear visibility of the entire business workflow on Intuitive dashboards, and with performance and workflow alerts and notifications, you are indulged into your business throughout the day, so there are no factors that can be overlooked to create Stress in running your business. Your entire business lies on your palm with ease of monitoring all the time.
Any Ordinary worker can get hold of our FSM Application without effort to become a Service Professional. This saves Time and Money to give the best Return on Investment(ROI) on any Business with least efforts involved.

E-strats Field Service Management (FSM) App…...An Innovation of Technology (FSM series)

by Sara Faisal 10. September 2018 02:06

Through the past two decades, E-strats has developed the most workable and customizable Field Service Management (FSM) Applications useful for medium to big sized enterprises, as these apps measure proper scalability of the business and enhance return on investment (ROI), by increasing productivity of human resources at all levels.

Our technologically simplified Field Service Management App has revolutionized Service and Business industry and has transformed ordinary laborers to tech savvy professionals. 

We define Field Service Management (FSM) Application in an understandable way as:

“FSM App is the latest technology of using mobile software applications to automate off-site or field operations of a team of service professionals in real time”  

The main features of our Field Service Management App leading to business facilitation include: 

1- Work Order management

2- Scheduling the Dispatching

3- Intuitive Dashboard

4- Mobile App for Technicians

5- Routing and Tracking services

6- Estimates and Invoice Keeping

7- Accounting and Inventory Management

8- Customer Engagement


Following is a brief and concise Introduction of Work Order Management feature. 

Work order management (WOM)

A work order can be very simply defined as an “Action Request” by a customer to acquire products or services. It can be impersonated within an organization, and is then scheduled or assigned to a person having suitable skill sets to perform the requested job.

 Work Order Dashboard

A dashboard is the user interface. It presents and organizes information in a feasible manner and consists of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which can be customized according to Service or Business needs and client’s choice.



                                            (A work order management dashboard)

Work Order Dashboard Key Components

Comprehensive and user-friendly work order performance dashboards of our Business boosting app consist of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are dashboard metrics on visual display to give a deep insight into service business performance in real time. 

Important KPIs of worker order performance dashboards:

The service managers/dispatchers start from work order dashboard to keep an eye on the following KPIs:

  • First call closure rates
  • Work order volume calculation
  • Average work time calculations
  • Average travel time calculations
  • No. of workorders per technician
  • Planned vs Actual travel time of technician
  • Utilization rates


This article has given a brief overview of work order dashboard facilitation as a business calculator. This calculation is targeted upon Cutting cost and Increasing revenue  i.e. ROI for any business by  keeping a focus on the following:

·         Business Strategy

·         Business Objective

·         Business Plan

·         Business Initiative

·         Business flow in total

Please stay tuned to www.estratcom.com   Blog for the upcoming articles of FSM series so as to understand and implement our Field Service Management App which is a hallmark of Business Intelligence.