E-strats Field Service Management (FSM) App…... (FSM series) Part 3 SCHEDULING

by Sara Faisal 3. October 2018 03:04

Want A Surge Business Development?...... Opt for E-strats Field Service Management Application today. Use of this App will change your Paper-based Office into a Paperless-Enterprise by maximizing growth in your respective Business…..Let’s have a bird’s eye view of Scheduling feature.

E-strats, Field Service Management Application is a Tailored, Custom-built solution for any Business and Service Industry Platform who wants maximum growth in minimum time with a good ROI(return on Investment). The Ease of use and Real-time perimeter of this App serves Local and International markets equally as it can run on Android and iOS systems( depending upon the client’s choice). Scheduling feature of FSM takes control of Time Planning of the field workers which have been appointed for the assigned tasks for the specific day. It is regarded as a Visual Planner for any Field Service Management Business.

Following are the core benefits of Dynamic, Online Scheduling :

Ease Of Use:

Scheduling an appointment on an Intuitive dashboard with handy and convenient Scheduling feature takes the least time. Any Addition or Deletion of the assigned task can be managed in seconds, as it is just a click away. Color Coding of assigned  Field Technicians against their skills assures Right worker for the Right job scenario”  and task completion in Real-time.

Customer Handling:

Customer demand and urgency can be easily dealt with, without any delay and hassle. Customer requirements can be met  by coordinating with the assigned Field technician for the designated task and making full use of Online Scheduling in Real time scenario

GPS(Global Positioning System) and Geo-Fencing:

In time intervention with the Field Technician can be done using the advantage of Global positioning and Geo fencing because situations of any Undue Delays and Overtime can be well managed in real time to take care of Cost involved both at the Business and Customer end. This helps Pilfer proofing of the entire workflow from Scheduler to Technician end.

Re-assignments of Technicians:

A Scheduler can re-assign any Technicians in case of the following situations:

- A Technician cannot carry out the task due to illness.

-A technician is running late due to bad weather, traffic jam or any other emergency situation etc.

High priority tasks can be taken care of well in time using online scheduling on Intuitive Dashboards.GPS optimization of FSM Application plays a major role keeping an eye on Traffic jams, weather, and other emergency situations.

Real-time Billing and Invoicing:

Scheduling dashboard gives an insight into every task from Beginning to Completion for the specific day. Billing and Invoicing of the Parts used and Repair procedures becomes easy and can be traced back online without any delay to assure Customer Satisfaction and maintaining Cost Efficiency at enterprise.

Change from Paper-based to Paperless office:

Scheduling feature of FSM  helps you get rid of Piles of Papers and Registers, eliminating the use of Pencils and Pen. Make your office more efficient by discarding Piles of papers and modernizing your Field Service management System using FSM App.

To sum up, FSM Scheduling Feature Improves your Business performance by:

-Enabling Quality Service Provision.

-Increased Reaction Time.

-Increased Efficiency and

-Reduction of Cost




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